Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 15 – Laboratory Preview!

Members of The Community,

CMRobbie here! Last week we showed off an overview of the Alexandria District as part of the Dynamic Music showcase, and this week we’re headed back to take a look at the Bio Containment Facility, a special sub-level located at the end of the area.

Y’know. For the Containment of the Bio.

Towards the end of the level, as stated, Deacon comes across the entrance to the Bio-Containment Facility, a massive biological research laboratory located in the heart of New Alabster University and one of the key areas targeted by Arc Nova forces during their invasion of the city at the start of the game.

The facility is already overrun with robots and mutant experiments, but no one knows for sure just what lies inside, or why it was such a key target…

From a gameplay perspective, the laboratory area is home not only to another instance of dynamic music, but also some special dynamic camera angles and dynamic lighting. Take special note of the way Deacon’s jump and shot particles look inside the facility:

That’s all we have to show for this week, but as always come back next week for yet another story time!


Community Manager Robbie


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