Elementale Royale Alpha Release

Hello Members of the Community, 

LS Studios is proud to announce closed alpha for our newest title, Elementale Royale, a 1-on-1, round based RTS game for mobile phones. 

The game revolves around magical duels using the four classical elements – you’ve read books – each of which can be used to cast a powerful attack spell or a defensive shield. Each element interacts with each other element in a unique way and can be only used once per round, so being able to think fast and ahead about element usage is key in Elementale Royale!

The game is a fast-paced and pick-up-and-play versus title that we hope to have fully launched by summer’s end. Stay tuned for additional updates as we transition from alpha to beta and continue to add more content! 

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LSCast: Unit 108 Released, New Projects Coming

Hello Members of the Community,

Team LS is shfting gears a bit, and we’ve recorded a short podcast to explain how we are going forward.

Unit 108 has been languishing in development hell as we turn to newer projects where we are able to use way more advanced skills than we did when we started Unit 108, and so we’ve decided to suspend development on it indefinitely and release our latest build as a free to play tech demo while we move onto a brand new title that we hope to be showing off relatively soon.

We also discuss our recent endeavors at Ludum Dare and VGDC Game Jam, the results of which you can play here along with the Unit 108 build:

Unit 108

Crazy Party Resuscitation

Office Rollers


Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 20 – Kickstarter Check-In #1

Hello Members of the Community,

CMRobbie here!

Earlier this week we launched a new two-level demo for Unit 108 and an accompanying Kickstarter campaign.

Check out the newest Trailer for Unit 108 here!

So far we’ve gotten a decent amount of traffic on the Kickstarter, and before anything else we’d like to give a massive thanks to everyone who’s taken a chance on us so far!

But unfortunately, we’re still not quite where we need to be in terms of funding. If you’re interested in Unit 108 and look forward to its release, spreading and sharing the game, the trailers, the blog and the Kickstarter helps us out a gigaton! We’re also trying to get it featured on some game outlets or YouTube channels. Fingers crossed!

Development-side, since releasing the Kickstarter, we’ve kept at work finishing up the Alexandria District and starting on the next District.

We’ll be revealing that next District next week, but for now check out a sneak preview of the completed Alexandria District Boss Theme here, posted by our composer Aiden Jauffret:

Until then, try out our Demo and stay tuned to our Twitter and Kickstarter page for more updates!

Thank You,

Community Manager Robbie

Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 19 – Abilities and Upgrades Part II

Members of the Community,

CM Robbie here! Ten weeks ago today, we showed off some of the abilities and upgrades players will be able to unlock and equip in Unit 108. Well, we’ve made a lot of development progress since then, and I’m back with another set to show off:

The Triple Jump seems simple, but if used properly this ability can create some very interesting patterns of attack. Deacon performs it by firing a shot downward and boosting himself with the recoil, but he also extends his sword arm into the air for extra style… and for an uppercut effect dealing damage to enemies above him!

Voltage Beam is a special projectile attack Deacon creates by charging the energy he usually uses for blaster shots into his sword, then scraping it along the ground. Charging it leaves you vulnerable, but the wave deals heavy damage and can pass through multiple enemies!

Finally, Deacon also has access to a low-cost ability titled Heal that lets him, well, heal himself once per stage. It can be the saving grace in a zero-death run or in the middle of a heated boss battle you’re only one good combo away from ending, but don’t use it foolishly…

With that, I’ll see you next week! Remember that next week will also feature the launch of our Kickstarter on Sept. 20! Stay tuned!


Community Manager Robbie

Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 18 – Kickstarter Coming Soon

Members of the Community,

My name is CMRobbie, and yes you read that title correctly.

Development on Unit 108 is progressing rapidly, but still not a rate we enjoy. So in order to increase both the pace, quality and scope of development, we will be launching a Kickstarter on September 20th!

The timeframe, requested amount and stretch goals are all things we’re finalizing at the minute, so please stay tuned. If you’re someone who is excited for the release of Unit 108 and would like to support us, please spread the work about our game’s Twitter, blog and playable demos in preparation for the Kickstarter launch.

Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 17 – Putting the “Platform” in “Action Platformer”

Members of the Community,

CMRobbie here! This week, we’re showing off some brand new moving platforms our programmer finished implementing in Unity this month.

These platforms show up in the Bio-Containment Facility section of the Alexandria District, where they ferry the player up towers and across acid baths.

Watch your step!

This feels way more complex and yet way less efficient than just… an elevator. Or just some stairs, even…

Their movement might seem simple readable enough at first, but… don’t get reckless.

I’m pretty good at video games.

Of course, these platforms aren’t the only thing we’ve put into the game recently…

And with that, I’ll see you all next week!


Community Manager Robbie

Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 16 – Callout Post For Toxibot

Members of the Community,

CMRobbie here! Today for Story Time Wednesdays we’re unveiling another new enemy for the Alexandria District, the Toxibot!


Modeled after cartoon beakers, the Toxibots patrol the Bio-Containment Facility deep within the Alexandria District, and emit a powerful toxic gas they perpetually generate via bio-mechanical nodes within their glass bodies.

The gas is deadly to Deacon’s human self, and while it might not seem like a particularly worrisome attack, it can quickly become quite tricky if Deacon doesn’t approach carefully.

If Deacon manages to avoid the toxic vapors, the Toxibots themselves – being made of glass – are relatively easy to dispatch, but you shouldn’t be too hasty about rushing past them:

Despite the fact that we only unveiled it a few posts ago, development on the Alexandria District is advancing rapidly – so stay tuned for plenty more updates!


Community Manager Robbie

Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 15 – Laboratory Preview!

Members of The Community,

CMRobbie here! Last week we showed off an overview of the Alexandria District as part of the Dynamic Music showcase, and this week we’re headed back to take a look at the Bio Containment Facility, a special sub-level located at the end of the area.

Y’know. For the Containment of the Bio.

Towards the end of the level, as stated, Deacon comes across the entrance to the Bio-Containment Facility, a massive biological research laboratory located in the heart of New Alabster University and one of the key areas targeted by Arc Nova forces during their invasion of the city at the start of the game.

The facility is already overrun with robots and mutant experiments, but no one knows for sure just what lies inside, or why it was such a key target…

From a gameplay perspective, the laboratory area is home not only to another instance of dynamic music, but also some special dynamic camera angles and dynamic lighting. Take special note of the way Deacon’s jump and shot particles look inside the facility:

That’s all we have to show for this week, but as always come back next week for yet another story time!


Community Manager Robbie

Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 14 – Dynamic Music Feature Showcase!

Members of the Community,

CMRobbie here! This week, let’s take a look at a brand new feature for Unit 108, Dynamic Music.

The Science District, also known to residents as the “Alexandria District,” is currently in production and last week our Founder and Lead Programmer Arren finished up a set of scripts called “Music Cake” to allow dynamic music during certain sections of the level – we can seamlessly swap out music tracks with each other without breaking the flow of the song.

For example, early on in the District players will encounter a zen garden – setting foot in this area instantly changes the instruments and melody of the overall level theme to better suit the mood of this new area.

What’s more, the script allows us to make the alternate music tracks actually area specific. As seen in the second clip down below, leaving this area, even in reverse, will cause the music to return to normal – the dynamic music is tied to a specific boundary rather than a checkpoint.

Another neat feature is that we can tune the music for encounters with specific enemies. Listen carefully to change in tempo and new backing melody that plays when Deacon stumbles across this miniboss:

Our composer, Aiden, certainly pulled a lot of work for this level!!

That’s all for this week, but be sure to stay tuned for additional details on the Alexandria District and other areas and features of the game! Also be sure to check out our recently updated staff profiles for more information on some of the workers mentioned in this blog as well as our Twitter, where we are currently participating in Outfit August!

Stay Dressed,

Community Manager Robbie

Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 13 – Tidal Rave Storms In

Members of the Community,

CMRobbie here! This week, we’re going to show off the boss of the Waterfront District, Tidal Rave.

More like Idle Rave. Bwa ha ha.

In Unit 108, each of the game’s “district” levels will end with a boss fight against one of Arc Nova’s elite, the so-called “Epsilon Guard”.

Tidal Rave is, as stated, the boss of the Waterfront District, a gigantic squid-shaped mech armed with diamond-tipped drills at the end of each of his tentacles. Originally designed for use in underwater offshore mining, Tidal Rave slowly began to develop sentience and grew tired of his life in the mines, rebelling and joining up with Arc Nova as their main naval force.

His eye, dimmed a little by many paintless days, under sun and rain, broods on over the solemn dumping ground.

In-game, Deacon fights Tidal Rave atop of a series of wood platforms, and will have to move around the stage quickly and precisely in order to dodge Tidal Rave’s tentacle attacks.

Just Get Good.

Destroying Tidal Rave’s tentacles deal massive damage to him. So, while some of his later, screen-filling tentacles rushes might seem like a massive pain, if you dodge them correctly and manage to take out 2, 3 or even 4 tentacles at once you can easily turn the tables on him!

Don’t worry, it grows back.

Tidal Rave is just one of the many bosses Deacon will be encountering throughout his mission. We were too proud of our work on Tidal Rave to not show it off, but we’ve decided the rest of the Epsilon Guard will remain a mystery until the launch of the game.

Also, stay tuned to our Twitter @longstorystudio, because later today we will be releasing a 2nd Demo for Unit 108 allowing you to play through the Tidal Rave fight for yourself!

Prepare Yourself,

Community Manager Robbie