UNIT 108 Announced Today!

Members of the Community,

Long Story Studios is proud to announce the new project we’ve been working on since the start of the year, “Unit 108”!

A 2D character action platformer starring a colorful cast of characters, “Unit 108” will have players take control of cyborg hero Deacon Gray and use his laser sword and energy blaster to jump, shoot, hack and slash through levels to stop a threat to all humanity.

Check out the trailer here:

And stay tuned to Long Story Studios’s Twitter and website blog for more updates as development progresses. We will be relaunching “Story Time Wednesdays” in the new website format to provide more information on Unit 108 every week, including characters, mechanics, levels and more.

In addition, we’re putting the finishing polish on a free gameplay demo of the training stage seen in the announcement trailer as we speak, so keep a cyberized eye out for that.

Shine On,

Community Manager Robbie


New Year New Blog

Welcome to the new official blog of Long Story Studios. As you may have seen, the website has been overhauled as we have switched website hosts! Check back here for new information and news regarding our team and other future projects!