Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 16 – Callout Post For Toxibot

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Members of the Community,

CMRobbie here! Today for Story Time Wednesdays we’re unveiling another new enemy for the Alexandria District, the Toxibot!


Modeled after cartoon beakers, the Toxibots patrol the Bio-Containment Facility deep within the Alexandria District, and emit a powerful toxic gas they perpetually generate via bio-mechanical nodes within their glass bodies.

The gas is deadly to Deacon’s human self, and while it might not seem like a particularly worrisome attack, it can quickly become quite tricky if Deacon doesn’t approach carefully.

If Deacon manages to avoid the toxic vapors, the Toxibots themselves – being made of glass – are relatively easy to dispatch, but you shouldn’t be too hasty about rushing past them:

Despite the fact that we only unveiled it a few posts ago, development on the Alexandria District is advancing rapidly – so stay tuned for plenty more updates!


Community Manager Robbie

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