Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 20 – Kickstarter Check-In #1

Hello Members of the Community,

CMRobbie here!

Earlier this week we launched a new two-level demo for Unit 108 and an accompanying Kickstarter campaign.

Check out the newest Trailer for Unit 108 here!

So far we’ve gotten a decent amount of traffic on the Kickstarter, and before anything else we’d like to give a massive thanks to everyone who’s taken a chance on us so far!

But unfortunately, we’re still not quite where we need to be in terms of funding. If you’re interested in Unit 108 and look forward to its release, spreading and sharing the game, the trailers, the blog and the Kickstarter helps us out a gigaton! We’re also trying to get it featured on some game outlets or YouTube channels. Fingers crossed!

Development-side, since releasing the Kickstarter, we’ve kept at work finishing up the Alexandria District and starting on the next District.

We’ll be revealing that next District next week, but for now check out a sneak preview of the completed Alexandria District Boss Theme here, posted by our composer Aiden Jauffret:

Until then, try out our Demo and stay tuned to our Twitter and Kickstarter page for more updates!

Thank You,

Community Manager Robbie


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