Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 19 – Abilities and Upgrades Part II

Members of the Community,

CM Robbie here! Ten weeks ago today, we showed off some of the abilities and upgrades players will be able to unlock and equip in Unit 108. Well, we’ve made a lot of development progress since then, and I’m back with another set to show off:

The Triple Jump seems simple, but if used properly this ability can create some very interesting patterns of attack. Deacon performs it by firing a shot downward and boosting himself with the recoil, but he also extends his sword arm into the air for extra style… and for an uppercut effect dealing damage to enemies above him!

Voltage Beam is a special projectile attack Deacon creates by charging the energy he usually uses for blaster shots into his sword, then scraping it along the ground. Charging it leaves you vulnerable, but the wave deals heavy damage and can pass through multiple enemies!

Finally, Deacon also has access to a low-cost ability titled Heal that lets him, well, heal himself once per stage. It can be the saving grace in a zero-death run or in the middle of a heated boss battle you’re only one good combo away from ending, but don’t use it foolishly…

With that, I’ll see you next week! Remember that next week will also feature the launch of our Kickstarter on Sept. 20! Stay tuned!


Community Manager Robbie


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