Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 8 – Enter Arc Nova

Members of the Community,

CMRobbie here! Last week on Story Time Wednesdays, we introduced the final member of Eden, Blackhat, and showed off more of Eden’s base. This week, we’re doing the opposite – we’re here today to talk more about the story of Unit 108 as well as the game’s antagonist team, Arc Nova.

We mentioned on our Twitter last week that Eden is “an organization dedicated to fighting androids.” We’ve also hinted in blog posts that both Deacon and the Commander have backstories involving being caught in the crossfire of android attacks. But what exactly has been going on with these androids?

In the year 2094, the world’s first fully sentient android was created, and named Adam. The scientific world, and later society itself, was placed into an uproar as the moral, economic and political implications of sentient androids were debated.

In 2103, Adam was assassinated. His killer was never found, and no motive was ever pieced together. Overwhelmed with grief and rage, his “younger brother” Antonius, a newer android built using the same framework, declared war on humanity itself, forming an military group called Arc Nova filled with combat robots and elite android operatives.

At the start of the game, Arc Nova has been carrying out raids across the globe for five years, and have taken control of several pockets of territory in every corner of the world.

In response, Commander founded Eden, a non-government organization dedicated to fighting back against Arc Nova raids when local governments can’t or won’t. Deacon’s near-death, rescue by Eden and cyborg implants all occur in 2108, the year the game will be taking place.

At the start of the game, Arc Nova have just launched a massive attack on Eden’s headquarters in Alabaster City, and with long-range teleportation and communication systems faulty, it’s up to Deacon and the rest of the team to fight back against the attack and take back Alabaster City.

One of the many enemies Deacon will encounter on this mission is the Arc Automaton, a very basic robotic soldier mass-produced by Arc Nova.

To clarify something: in the world of Unit 108, Robots are basic machines coded for a specific task, Androids are fully sentient and intelligent machine lifeforms with independent thought, and Cyborgs are ordinary humans given mechanical implants.

The version pictured above is the default appearance of the Automaton, however it sports a different appearance in each level, as the various lieutenants of Arc Nova often choose to customize their underlings. For example, in the Waterfront District (what we earlier referred to as the “beach level”) the Automatons sport pirate hats and imitation flintlock pistols.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned to Story Time Wednesdays and the Long Story Studios Twitter for more information on the enemies and bosses of Arc Nova in the weeks to come!

Until Then,

Community Manager Robbie

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