Story Time Wednesdays, Unit 108 Edition, Vol. 7 – Blackhat the Informant and Full Base Reveal

Members of the Community,

CMRobbie here, and we’ve got a lot to show off this week!

First, the elusive final member of Eden, the mysterious information specialist Blackhat.

Informant. I’m going into battle and I need your strongest information.

Blackhat’s ability to scout out areas, analyze enemies and gather vital information for missions is unrivaled within Eden. However, even those within Eden know very little about Blackhat as person – Blackhat’s past is even more shrouded than the Commander’s, and no one has ever even gotten a good luck under his(?) hat.

Blackhat essentially acts as a living lore database in-game. Talking to them will allow the player to learn more about levels, bosses and story details at any time.

With Blackhat, the final member of Eden, revealed, we can now show off more of the Eden Base itself, which has gotten some significant work done since the demo.

Hidden deep underground behind layers and layers of concrete, metal and cloaking devices, Eden Base is always buzzing with activity and freezing with cold.

Eden has similar bases all over the world to house its 107 other units, but the base pictured here is the main headquarters, located in a place known as Alabaster City (where the main game will be taking place.)

In previous entries (and earlier on in this one) we’ve mentioned what each NPC will do when spoken to. Now, you see what we meant – Deacon starts the game within Eden Base and will teleport back to it between missions, where he can talk to his compatriots to access the various functions of the game.

One final update that is more of a meta update than one for the game; we’ve recently implemented fixed work sessions for ourselves, and this week alone we’ve seen an uptick in productivity because of it. Thus, future updates should be much more substantial. For example, tune in next week for details on a brand new enemy type!

And, now that we have shown each of them off in full, be sure to follow us on Twitter @LongStoryStudio to see more information on the cast and regular non-blog updates on game development!

Stick Around,

Community Manager Robbie

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